Thursday, January 26, 2012

Glam Goodies has published their 5 top Glam Goodies for Glowing skin. Each product that was chosen has its own category that it falls under. In at number 4 is the Mark. Earn Your Metal Liquid Shimmer Eyeliner in Liquid Gold, for the eyes category.

        "Early mornings, it’s hard enough to seem perky, let alone fake wide-awake eyes. mark’s Earn Your Metal Liner in Liquid Gold ($10) gives that sought-after glow and helps your peepers pop. It lasts for a whopping 12 hours so you can look glam for the office and then for an evening outing." -Shecky article

     Finally this eyeliner gets the recognition it deserves. The thing that I love the most about this liquid liner is that the tip is more like a felt tip with a nice spongy feel but yet its very sturdy that it allows me to create a precise line every time I use it. Maybe its just me but the regular bristle brush tip that most liquid liners have are so small and so soft that it becomes a mission impossible for me to create a good straight line even on the third try. 

     Another good thing is that this liquid liner dries instantly with a beautiful shine to it so there's no fanning it with your hand anymore or having to worry about smudging it on accident. Oh and did I mention it lasts for up to 12 hours? Definitely a plus, I only wished it came in a wider variety of colors.

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