Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012 CEW Beauty Awards!!

    So its that time of year again where so many beauty products from all different brands (expensive to the more budget friendly) are nominated for the CEW Beauty Awards. As you may or may not know last year MARK.'s Touch and Glow Shimmer Cubes was amongst winners for the 2011 CEW Beauty Awards. The Touch and Glow Shimmer Cubes actually won for the Best Face Product.

     This year I am proud to announce that 6 MARK. products have been nominated for the CEW Beauty Awards!!!!! Yes, not 1 or 2 but 6 different products! This is so exciting!! I can't wait to see which products out of the 6 chosen will actually make it to the finals (which I will let all of you know as soon as it happens).

    Finally the moment we have been waiting for.... and the MARK. nominees are : 1) Change is Gonna Come Foaming Body Exfoliator  2) Get Defensive SPF15 Eye Cream 3) Get a Treatment Anti-acne Over Night Fix 4) I-Mark Metallics Custom Pick Eyeshadows  5) Lipclick Full Color Lipstick 6) Min-A-Real Cream to Powder Foundation

All of the nominated products can be found via links provided (click each product name) 
or via my E-boutique
Do you have any of these products or have you used any in the past? Let me know in a comment below.
Also if you would like any samples please comment below as well.

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