Friday, December 16, 2011

Dare to Compare: Mark. Vs. Nars

                  Heres proof that mark. can be compared to higher end cosmetic brands, the biggest difference will most likely be the price. Mark is usually the most affordable while the higher end brand usually cost 2x more than mark.

                   Here's Mark. Cosmetics Good Glowing Blush in After Glo (top) and Nars Blush (a best seller for years) in Orgasm (bottom). The colors are exactly the same. Now here's the difference, Mark's blush is twice the size of the Nars blush yet it only cost $8 while the Nars blush costs $27.

                    In this rough economy as women we can cut down our budget on many things but if there's one thing we tend splurge on it's on anything that has to do with our beauty, whether it be getting our hair done, getting our nails done or simply buying beauty products. As a consumer on a tight budget would you rather spend $8 on double the product that has the exact same color as the higher end brand or would you rather spend the $27 just because it's a "higher end" brand?

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